Earlier today, when Michael Larabel was writing about how all open source games look awful, he failed to think about what he was trying to accomplish. In his post he proceeded to spew out a douche-laden rant about how he thinks that most open source games look awful, citing such things as the playermodel I created so far despite it not being finished and will probably be replaced later on with a better, higher quality one, also attacking fellow ioquake3 developer, ZTurtleMan’s Turtle Arena game. What he failed to realize, is that some engines have what are known as “Polygon Limits” which limit how much the engine can render at a playable framerate. Now when it comes to Journalistic Integrity, Michael Larabel is comparable to a writer from Kotaku or IGN, often confirming things too soon, such as “Unreal 3 on Linux” or the countless times in the past so many years that he’s confirmed Steam coming to Linux (which was only “offically” announced this year) with little evidence to support it other than a job listing on Valve’s website. So sure, Larabel’s Journalistic integrity may not be the best, in fact, it’s downright awful. So at the end of the day, Mike accomplished nothing other than making himself look like a pretentious douche. Job well done.