While you’re waiting for your turkey to finish cooking, be sure to check out my awesome game, XMAS 2011!



It started out as a simple clone of the Christmas homebrew NES game available at RetroUSB

with a few minor tweaks. I started working on it the year before last, but never completed it by Christmas, so when Thanksgiving break came back up the following year, I began working on it again. Within 5 minutes of opening the code back up, I fixed one of the major bugs and after a couple days, I was surprised to find it actually done. After I posted it on my website, I shared the link through Facebook, and so did my mom, as she said some of her colleagues were playing it. Since she’s a school teacher she also showed it to her students.



Well, not meeting my initial deadline, for one, maybe I should have implemented a displayed score while you’re playing in addition to the stats at the end, also the controls are just a little mucky as far as moving left and right and I should have paid that more attention.


Most of it, really. The code is just a little sloppy, but it was written in a way that’s easily fixable, and the overall reception of the game is pretty good, not many complaints or suggestions.


Overall, it went pretty good. My parents said I should make a mobile version for Android or something, so I’m working on making a port to Love2D which I will then port to Moai and sell on the Marketplace, with a few added features. The things that I could have fixed, I wish I had, but since I’m working on the mobile version still, I still have time to implement those fixes. I’m satisfied with how my game turned out, maybe I’ll release the code next year.