Recently a game was released on Steam called “Terraria”, an indie 2D platformer where you build things, much like Minecraft. As it was gaining popularity, a team of satire/troll gamers, “The Best Gamers” made a video, narrated by member “ROCKCOCK64”, where they “review” this game in their usual biased tone, saying how it sucks because its a PC and Indie game that appeals to “autistic nerds” and continue to look up the authors DeviantArt account and laugh at his poetry, which was probably the nail in the coffin. After a day or two of being on YouTube, the creators of Terraria had it taken down for a “copyright claim“, without even contacting the authors (The Best Gamers), who replied with this video:

Now, despite how demeaning the original Terraria review was to the creator(s), there was nothing about it that would warrant a take-down, as its a parody or review, but there’s more wrong with it than just that. The fact that the Terraria team didn’t like the review or criticism of their game, does not give them the right to take it down. Personally, I feel that as a small startup, doing so would only garner negative attention, a-la the “Barbara Streisand Effect”, something that can’t be afforded. If I were in their shoes, I would have just laughed or shrugged it off, what I’m NOT going to do is hinder someone’s freedom of speech. This has been my opinion, but think what you want. Their video is also available on their website here.