Lately, so it seems, YouTube has gotten really popular. So popular, that its famous, and if you didn’t know that, you must be living under a rock, or North Korea. Now, this is good and all, but when a website, or community becomes really popular, it gains attention and/or users that are less than, uh… lets go with intellectual here… At any rate, sure, there are people who are decent and produce enjoyable content, but most of it gets stolen by someone else, usually at a lower resolution, and with more artifacts, and immediately fuzzier like a VHS tape that has been through the rewinder too many times. These are usually reported, and will be deleted when a moderator isn’t too busy watching videos of cats… unless of course, you bring in revenue for YouTube, like VEVO, the music de-evolution revolution *scoff*, then by all means they will be all over that shit like snow in Montana. Now, I’m not saying I hate youtube, it is a great service, but let me just walk you through a typical visit for me:

“Lets see whats on YouTube, surely there is something with potential virality (is that a word?), whats in top trending?”

kill me

“Oh man,” I say to myself aloud “this guy must have some serious shit, not only does he have an eye-catching title, but hes also got a shit loada views at that! *click*”

Then I’m let down by this:

“Hey guys, whats happenin’? Wanna see a video of me getting sucker-punched in the face? Haha! Just kidding (a real letdown). But heres this really funny video of a dog getting seriously mauled by a deer to distract you from my ridiculous hair! (cut to a clip of actual content, cut down to a size small enough to be deemed “fair use” so he still makes more money off of it than you will ever see) MAN, that sure was some good stuff(HYUK HYUK)! Be sure to subscribe, so I’ll make even more money than I already do and so that whenever you see me “like” a video, you can go to it and leave a dumb comment about how I “liked” it and so that you will get a bunch of thumbs up which¬†reinforces¬†your sense of cognitive dissonance, and before this video is over be sure to make this catchphrase a forced-meme (insert nonsensical statement here)”

( ._.)

Then, I look at the comments and see crap like this:


(number of downvotes on video) people (statement, referring to context of the video)

DumbYou3ber 500 thumbs up

You say Lady Gaga, I say NickleBack; you say Eminem, I say Insane Clown Posse, You say Justin Bieber, I say an equally obnoxious band, LIKE THIS IF YOU DON’T WANT THE ROCK TO DIE!!!!!!!!!

MusicFan12yearold 478 thumbs up

Honestly, I’d think YouTube would be dead by now because of the dumb community, were it not for so many people being stupid themselves.