[FrenchFriesAndAppleSauce] Most Phoronix articles are awful.

Earlier today, when Michael Larabel was writing about how all open source games look awful, he failed to think about what he was trying to accomplish. In his post he proceeded to spew out a douche-laden rant about how he thinks that most open source games look awful, citing such...Read more

THE BEST GAMERS, Terraria, and what not to do as an indie game developer

Recently a game was released on Steam called “Terraria”, an indie 2D platformer where you build things, much like Minecraft. As it was gaining popularity, a team of satire/troll gamers, “The Best Gamers” made a video, narrated by member “ROCKCOCK64”, where they “review” this game in their usual biased tone,...Read more

YouTube has gone downhill lately

Lately, so it seems, YouTube has gotten really popular. So popular, that its famous, and if you didn’t know that, you must be living under a rock, or North Korea. Now, this is good and all, but when a website, or community becomes really popular, it gains attention and/or users...Read more

The MannConomy Update

So, if you hadn’t heard, Team Fortress 2 received and update recently allowing players to purchase achievement items rather than achieve them themselves. I have mixed feelings about, as rather than work for their items and feel the satisfaction of earning them, people can just buy them. and feel instant-gratification....Read more

Just thought I’d drop in for a few…

You dang kids don’t know what rap and hip-hop is, with your keishas and little Waynes and autotuners and electric music made on the computer, this is real hip-hop! Thats the Beastie Boys, who made real music-no autotune, no computer generated audio, no featuring of crappy popstars who don’t mix...Read more