If you were unaware, there is a meme known as 2204355, where you would go to google, type in “2204355” and hit “I’m feeling lucky!” it would take you to a .swf submission on imageshack. The .swf animation depicted an animation of a black guy dancing and eating fried chicken...Read more

Sorry for the lack of posts lately…

I’ve been playing this game Minecraft, its really addicting. If you haven’t played it, I would seriously recommend it, especially if you like making buildings and stuff. Heres a video on how to get started:Read more


I added a chat room so you guys can make plans to take over the worl-I mean talk to each other. I did this in hopes that it may bring new visitors, and I also plan to add an instant messenger to the forum, which uses a different login :(....Read more

Monday music madness!

Dear <every local radio station>, Please don’t sue me for taking your clever alliteration, I’m only trying to make Mondays a little more bearable by getting good music stuck in your head. First up, heres the RAMONES with an appropriate song for a Monday: “I wanna be sedated”. However, it...Read more

So, stuff is going on…

We’re getting new members in on the forum, mostly YTMND users, and hopefully we will get some nice user-made content to show everyone. If you are new here and haven’t seen the forums, be sure to sign up, we could use some traffic on this site. Also, I’m still working...Read more

Hello world!

This is my site, if you see this, it works. Also, the forum is up, if anyone cares to see it, and if you do care, sign up.Read more