So thanks to me working on ioquake3‘s website, EscapedTurkey was kind enough to host a TF2 dedicated server for us for free! Clicky the TF2 icon on the sidebar there, to join the server immediately, otherwise check out ET’s hosting plans at their site linked at the bottom! Don’t have...Read more

Happy Turkey Day!

While you’re waiting for your turkey to finish cooking, be sure to check out my awesome game, XMAS 2011! POST MORTEM: INITIAL THOUGHTS: It started out as a simple clone of the Christmas homebrew NES game available at┬áRetroUSB with a few minor tweaks. I started working on it the year...Read more

The Prayer of Futureworld

We thank thee, our gods for this blessed feast Let us dine upon our golden brown pre-fried potato slices. And let us dine upon our dinosaur-shaped cuts of chicken-flavored chicken substitute. Deliver us from our boredom-induced hunger, And may our microwaves not render thine centers still frozen. For this meal...Read more

AND, we’re back

So, the name server of the server that this site was on kept going down unexpectedly and inconveniently, so I got it moved to a new host entirely. So thanks to Zack aka “Timedoctor” (, this site won’t go down as frequently anymore. Go practice your golf swing:Read more