Sorry for the lack of updates

Finals are coming up and I’ve been busy with a bunch of other things. I have an idea for a comic I’m working on that I’ll be RUSSIAN to post soon. Take care, everyone 🙂Read more

The MannConomy Update

So, if you hadn’t heard, Team Fortress 2 received and update recently allowing players to purchase achievement items rather than achieve them themselves. I have mixed feelings about, as rather than work for their items and feel the satisfaction of earning them, people can just buy them. and feel instant-gratification....Read more

Well, there haven’t been a lot of posts lately…

I haven’t posted anything lately, well, because there hasn’t been anything to post at the moment and I’ve been busy with college. However, I’d like to announce our two new users Amindlessidiot and Turtles from YTMND, perhaps they will breathe some life into this place… maybe. EDIT: A couple other...Read more